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Saturday, August 20, 2011


My classroom is finally put together and ready for Monday. Me on the other hand.. is a different story. I still have all of my lesson plans to do, which I am sure will take up most of my Sunday afternoon. I am mentally not ready either. Last night we had open house and I was able to meet about half of my students and their parents. Some I am looking forward to having in my class.. some others (parents) are a little overbearing.. I hope they aren't too in my face all of the time! I will update you all with some pictures sometime next week of my adorable room. I really like the way that it turned out!

Today (Saturday) I am going to stay away from the school work.. and enjoy myself a little. That's not to say I still don't have house work to do! haha. I hope to get some laundry and dishes done before this afternoon's festivities. We have a pool party to go to, as long as it doesn't rain.

Hubby treated me to an amazing home cooked meal last night! I didn't have to do a thing!! He made lobster, salmon, asparagus, mashed potatoes, salad, AND baked apple pie. (With flowers and candles) It was awesome. What a great way to end a stressful week. LOVE HIM!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.. I have to go stop Landon from tearing up the house! haha.

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  1. awww what a sweet hubby! can't wait to see pics of the classroom!