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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big News..

We found out in February that we were expecting again. At first we were surprised, and a little nervous about having two children that were 18 months apart, but now we are super excited and ready to take on the challenge. I think that it will be great to have the kids close together. They will enjoy so much and we couldn't be more thrilled at this addition to our family.
This pregnacy has been different and a lot harder on me than the first one. It of course is different when you are chasing around a one year old and not able to lounge around on the couch all day long. But I have also experienced more morning sickness, more MAJOR back pains and pains in my hips, and of course TIREDNESS!! Oh boy it's going to be a long ride!
When it comes to the sex of the baby we of course would like a girl, because we already have one amazing boy, but we were going to be happy either way.. we went for our anatomy scan in the beginning of June and found out that we are....
Now we just have to decide on a name. This has turned out to be a really hard job. We didn't have a problem with Landon. That was the only name that we both agreed on. But with baby #2, we have about 3 names that we both really like and we keep going back and forth between. I feel like it is such a big decision that this little girl will have all of her life. It has to be good.. so we are going to continue to think about it. We have 4 months left to decide!
Now on to getting a nursey ready. I would like to start getting the guest room turned into nursery before I go back to school because I know once that starts, I am going to be super busy. I also want to update Landon's room and make it more "big boy" fun, instead of his old nursery stuff.
Hopefully some friends and family will help with the painting process :)  (hint... hint)
Can't wait to continue filling you in on this awesome journey of our little family!

Jersey at the beach

My inlaws and Mr. C's other siblings from New Jersey came to visit us over spring break. It was wonderful to have them all here. They had not seen us since Landon was only a month old. We got to do all of the fun "touristy" stuff that we don't normally do living at the beach all of the time. It was a great vacation! We are looking forward to seeing them again in July!
these are his younger siblings that live in Jersey.. Love them!!

family pic at the Aquarium

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Birthday Party

 The end of April was L's 1st birthday!
We did a rubber duck theme for the party, because that is what he was obsessed with. Literally one of his first words was duck! We cooked out in the backyard, got an inflatable for the kids, and had some friends and family over to celebrate. It was a perfect day!
                                                  Here are some photos of his special day!