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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rest, Rest, Rest

Per Doctor's orders.. With 6 weeks to go, my body just couldn't take the push and push and push I was making it go through each and every day. So here I am on bed rest. It all started around 3am Wednesday morning. I woke up to use the bathroom, like I do 4 times a night, but this time was a little different. When I laid back down my back froze up and I got stuck in a position I could not get out of. I mean literally COULD NOT MOVE. I started crying and woke up Brod in a panic. I could not lay flat on my back, I could not get in a sitting position, I could not stand up. We didn't know what to do. I have never been in that kind of pain before. Brodie wanted to call an ambulance to come get me, but I refused. After an hour working myself up to it from that same position in bed, I finally rolled over and made it to the floor. I crawled on my hands and knees to the front door, while the husband got the baby ready. Once the baby was in the car, he wheeled me out to the car on the computer chair.
Finally at the hospital they admit me into Labor and Delivery. I didn't know if I was having back labor or what, but we were definitely panicking. After monitoring the baby, and giving me some pain medicine, which knocked me out. They decided that even though I was having contractions, and was 1cm dilated, they would release me and send me home with the prescription to be on bed rest. So here I am... day one... hoping it will get better. They said my severe back pain could have been from a bad UTI that I have. (sorry for the TMI).. so hopefully with some antibiotics and a few days rest, I will start to feel like myself again.
Thanks to my wonderful mother in law, she watched the baby while we were in the hospital, and is watching him this afternoon while the hubs is at work, so that I can rest!

Let's hope that we can keep this baby in the cooker for a little while longer and I can keep my sanity!