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Friday, August 5, 2011

Gearing up

With only one week of summer left before I start back at school, I am getting into "teacher" mode and trying to get my stuff together. I have found some amazing second grade teacher blogs that are giving me great ideas that I hope to implement into my room this year. I want to freshen things up and create new and exciting plans. I also have found some awesome things on Pinterest.. which by the way.. is my new obsession!!
Also trying to plan for our 1 year anniversary. It is next week and I am super excited. I want to plan something fun for us to do, and I need a gift idea. Any suggestions? I know that the first year is suppose to be paper.. but who wants paper really?
Yesterday I had a baby doctor appt. that went well! I am 28 weeks and moving along great! She is measuring a week ahead, which means another big baby! Hopefully this labor will be faster and easier!!

Ready to spend a great weekend with the family!- Enjoy yours!

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