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Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

What a start to the work week, Parent/ Teacher conferences.. Not my idea of fun! However they were pretty successful and fairly painless. HA.
Yesterday however, not so much. I don't what was in the air but both, not one.. I mean BOTH of my children screamed and cried pretty much all. day. long.

I don't want to post pictures of my kids crying.. so here are some nice pictures of them in their regular playtime attitudes.
a moment of peace.. playing in Mommy's Uggs

Seriously.. I love being a mom and trying to have a lot of patience, but after hours of it,  you start to lose your grip a little bit. I was just so ready for the day to be over with so that I could go to bed and SLEEP.
But of course we just needed one more thing to throw a wrench into my day. So my husband decided to take his Uncle's new moped out for a "quick" joy ride around the neighborhood to test it out.
Needless to say a few mintues later I get the phone call... "Honey, there's been a little accident." Just the words I wanted to hear. Of course my first feelings were fear of if my husband was ok. After I found out he was, my feelings turned to frustration. I am just not sure how many more hits I can take!! He did have some serious road rash that we are tending too, but for the most part he is alright.
So today I just woke up, already in a funk from the previous day's drama. I just could not wait to see what the day was going to have in store for me now. So as soon as I get to school I realize, Oh yeah.. today is staff picture day and we were all suppose to wear black and white. DO you think that I remembered that? No of course not! Just awesome. awesome Monday. But I am going to try and be positive and think tomorrow is a new day. It just couldn't be another manic Monday!

Tomorrow is another trip to MUSC for checkups on our little girl with the neurologist. HOpefullly all goes well! Updates when we get back!!

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